Bulk Bactericidal Filter 'Magistra Aqua' – "Make Yourself" This is the cheapest variant of bulk HRCM filter, which one can make himself from any plastic bottle with capacity from 1L. The delivery set of “Make yourself” filter includes a set of special filtered cotton wool and a tight packing of silvered HRCM. Filtered cotton wool is divided into pieces which are simply set in a plastic bottle. On the first layer of filtered cotton wool a layer of HRCM is filled, then two layers of cotton wool are added. This “sandwich” is pressed by the cut bottle bottom with holes made in it. The whole process of making a filter “Make yourself” takes no more than a minute.

Scheme of assembling of "Make Yourself" Filter

  • Reservoir for filtered water
  • Cut bottom
  • Layer of filtered cotton wool
  • HRCM with silvered covering
  • Layer of filtered cotton wool

Filter "Make yourself" is invaluable in those cases when it is necessary to make hundreds of thousands of temporary bulk filters. These filters can provide pure drinking water to regions that experience natural disasters.

In January, 2005 at the request of the Indian Government, hundreds of thousands of 'Magistra Aqua-make yourself filters' were sent to the regions most affected by the tsunami in order to provide the population with drinkable water and to prevent the spreading of infectious diseases.

On September, 15th, 2005 at the request of the U.S. Government, an amount of bulk filters 'Magistra Aqua' were sent as humanitarian aid to the State of Louisiana whichhad suffered from a devastating hurricane.

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