"We are what we eat." Is it true? Yes, but surely something else: "We are- what we drink. However, even if you control your diet, we found that the water situation is more complicated: to get a really high-quality water in a modern city or a country cottage is very difficult, so water treatment - is an important and serious matter.

Fortunately, modern wastewater treatment system is able to provide you and your family in the crystal clear water. Systems are installed directly to your home or office, and filtered water, comes from the central water supply system. Why further purify the water, which is already trained in urban wastewater treatment plants? In fact, tap water is pre-cleaned before we get it into our apartment, but the technologies are intended to replace the organic pollutants and microorganisms inorganic chemicals (chlorine, aluminum, etc.) are dangerous. Systems "Golden Formula" make the water safe, not only in the epidemic, but also in chemical terms, thanks to an innovative filtration technology with HRCM. Of course, the stable operation of our technology is available only when correctly installed.

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