WFR is an international movement to improve the drinking water conditions in the world.

United Nations Development program affirms water as “the stuff of life and a basic human right.” Realizing the importance of water not only as an essential element for human life but also as an indispensable input has now paved way for water regulation acts. Water is the element of core concern and importance on earth. It has explicated utility in domestic usage, agriculture and irrigation. Water though is the prime component for survival of living beings but its long been ignored and awareness has been long drawn; it is still to seek formal development and central attention from the economies. Water awareness has till date been overlooked. It is region-based and hence on an international level it is difficult to bring in league with international laws. Every region has its own water resource management to follow which fails to agree with international water laws. Water laws at international level have been focusing on routing the water courses. It has now been seen that focus has shifted to the matters of water regulation, its usage and cleanliness.

It is known that more than half of all the illness of the human are connected with the drinking water. Now on the Earth practically there remains no place, where it is possible to pure natural water for daily drinking. Glaciers, some underground resources, springs, Antarctica and the Arctic are the only remaining sources. But how economical is to harvest these? The rain water, hail, underground water and rivers from the melted snow terrains were earlier known to resource the fresh water. But not anymore these sources have been infested with the pollution from industrial discharges, chemicals, pesticides, effluents, etc. the gases released from the chimneys of the factories and plants combine to form harmful mixtures and are a cause for smog and acid rain. The contamination of water is directly related to the degree of contamination of our environment. Rainwater flushes airborne pollution from the skies, and then washes over the land before running into the, rivers, aquifers, and lakes that supply our drinking water. Any and all chemicals generated by human activity can and will find their way into water supplies. It is known fact that sooner or later every country would look alternative means for water purification than what it is using now as the situation is worsening day by day.

No purification system has been defined as perfect purification system till date.

Golden Formula has revolutionized this fact.

The Golden Formula of systems for purification of drinking water.

The systems based on "Golden Formula" clean water from turbidity, organic compounds, petroleum products, heavy metals, sediment, odors, etc. Due to all this, our technology keeps retained in the water all biologically useful compounds for the human body, and enriches it with iodine. Petrik the scientist behind the unique invention also agrees that in the present time, neither abroad nor in Russia there’s an analogous technology to HRCM. All the filters we use in everyday life, work in two ways: either no clean water or clean out with suspended harmful substances. Silver HRCM permanently solves a problem for pure water. The crystal clear water and healthy with a filter for water - it is reality. (Ref. Golden Formula Website)

WFR in collaboration with Golden formula is starting the project from India, which gradually will also cater to various other nations across the world. WFR aims to achieve the accessibility to every human the right to clean drinking water.

The developed nations are already taking advantage of Petrik’s inventions for protection several environmental issues. There are many patents of Petrik in the world as well. Yet it is for the 1st time that the commercialization of any technology is initiated. The reason behind this movement is purely in favour of improvement of the lives of the human race, quality of which is depleting day by day owing to various pollutants.

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