Many people wrongly assume that distilled water is ideal drinking water. In reality distilled water is the strongest poison. It is possible for man to drink water that exceeds maximum permissible concentration of copper, iron, even mercury for some length of time (with an obvious effect on his health but man will die if he drinks distilled water for more than a week. Why? Because water deprived of all dissolved substances and being a good solvent starts to wash them away from the organism.

Distilled water is technical water, not for drinking. In order to make distilled water drinkable it is mineralized, i.e. some useful salts are added, such as: calcification, magnesium sulfate, Glauber’s salts. However, mineralized distilled water enriched with some necessary minerals for the organism, strongly differs from natural water, which contains thousands of dissolved substances
and microelements. Do you think people would drink “mineralized” bottled water if they knew that the initial substance was in fact the strongest poison – distilled water? Besides, how do you imagine this process of mineralization is organized? All the essential minerals are added, for example some quantity of calcium, some quantity of magnesium sulfate, some quantity of Glauber’s salt to distillate. Is it possible to check up that this equipment does not fail and always correspond to the
given proportion? Would it be logical to propose that failures may occur when, for example, only calcium is added or wrong quantities are added?

Even with the ideal work of mineralization using all correct equipment, the obtained water contains a very small quantity of useful salts and microelements which are not available in every drugstore.

By “reverse osmosis” vodka is made. Anyone, who has ever drunk more than a bottle of vodka, will have noticed that in the morning his bones were aching. Why? Because, the distillate washes out salts from the bones. People are making a great mistake if they think that buying or ordering bottled water for 10-12 Rs per liter they are fulfilling the bodies’ daily requirements for pure water intake. Water distillation followed by mineralization requires great costs and therefore not all manufacturers of “drinking” water spend money on this purpose. Above we mentioned the ideal procedure for production of water by honest manufacturers, who try to follow announced technology. Today approximately 80% of manufactured bottled water does not follow announced technology.


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