WFR originated after successful implementation of ‘Pure Water Program’ in Russia. Pure Water Program works on HRCM technology, invented by Russian Scientist 'Prof Petrik'. Prof Petrik has created world’s first and unique water filters using a High Reactive Carbon Mixture - the NANO sorbent. He has discovered a new form of nanotechnology, a structural complex of carbon. From these is obtained Highly reactive carbon mixture (HRCM) which has a unique sorbent property, which was unattainable by any other class of sorbents. The method of production of the NANO sorbent, is an acclaimed scientific discovery - "Phenomenon of formation of nano-structural carbon complexes" - Diploma 163. This technology has been tested for water purification and strongly appreciated by the scientific centers all over the world.

Uniqueness of our technology. (As on Golden Formula website)

A visualization of nano-particles

For the first time in the world, we have a technology, which completely cleans the water from all known bacteria and viruses. By the usage of smallest suspension in the filters microorganisms are inhibited from moving independently in water. Moistened HRCM, keeps the smallest particulate matter bound together in the thickness of the filter element. The process also obstructs bacteria through the nano-silver-plating, thus cleansing water or all microbes.


Our Mission

The Water Freedom Revolution is an international awareness movement dedicated towards promotion of importance of clean drinking water. This movement has been launched keeping into mind the current situation of drinking water in most of the countries. Caustically water treatment is no more taken as an economic good but as a 'cashable resource'. Except air there are no other resources of life comparable to water on Earth. Thus, to have access to water 'is not a matter of choice, but rather everyone needs it'.

The purpose of the Water Freedom Revolution is to ensure free access to clean drinking water to every citizen of the world.

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