The important implementation objectives of the Project are as follows:

  • Streamline and improve the regulatory framework concerning drinking water supplies.
  • Construct and protect water intakes, implement comprehensive, staged financing of activities related to the construction of water storages for drinking purposes.
  • Develop a system of activities to provide the population with high-quality bottled water, draft proposals for comprehensive staged financing of activities related to supply of the population with bottled drinking water.
  • Develop a system of activities to provide most vital public facilities with drinking water, which are related to the installation of final treatment equipment for water supplied to vital public facilities and, first and foremost, pre-school institutions and schools.
  • Preserve water bodies as well as ecosystems influencing the drinking water recovery processes.
  • Draft proposals to preserve flora and fauna of water bodies due to prevention of uncontrolled civil and industrial production waste discharges into water;
  • Establish an information system of data on the development of new water conditioning techniques and processes, activities to manage research and design efforts.
  • Assist in industrial manufacture and installation of systems and devices to ensure accident-free production, transportation, conditioning, quality identification, and metering of drinking water;
  • Improve the national monitoring system of drinking water quality effects on public health;
  • Improve the regulatory framework concerning water supplies.

Our Mission

The Water Freedom Revolution is an international awareness movement dedicated towards promotion of importance of clean drinking water. This movement has been launched keeping into mind the current situation of drinking water in most of the countries. Caustically water treatment is no more taken as an economic good but as a 'cashable resource'. Except air there are no other resources of life comparable to water on Earth. Thus, to have access to water 'is not a matter of choice, but rather everyone needs it'.

The purpose of the Water Freedom Revolution is to ensure free access to clean drinking water to every citizen of the world.

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