1) Awareness

'The Water Freedom Revolution' exists in the defence of 'Water Rights' for all. The program involves spreading awareness among the people and the government of the countries about importance of clean drinking water. Part of the profit will also be used to spread WFR vision by educating people the need and necessity of clean and safe water. Beyond HRCM, WFR will also make sure that people are aware of right methods to use and safe water.

WFR India will also support and fund the right people who want to do water related research.

All these activities are required to make sure WFR India’s sustainability in the territory and it has deep roots within human groups.

2) Pursuing Projects

WFR is committed towards provision of clean drinking water. WFR is not only a company or industry, it is a international movement for awareness and provision of clean drinking water; and soon it will be recognized as a research foundation. WRF is an awareness based movement which will work with Government tie-ups and other non governmental and private organizations.

WFR works in regard to purification of water to bring it to the drinkable standards by adopting the water purification technology from Russia “The Golden Formula”. The Golden Formula has successfully implemented the HRCM (High Reactive Carbon Mixture) water purification technology in Russia in the name of ‘Pure Water” program.

Some of the initial potential clients are:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Large Organizations such as Airtel, Tata, Reliance, Coke and Pepsi
  3. Government Institutes such as Railway, Electricity and offices of various Ministries
  4. Various Commercial setups such as Times of India, Media Studios and Malls


Our Mission

The Water Freedom Revolution is an international awareness movement dedicated towards promotion of importance of clean drinking water. This movement has been launched keeping into mind the current situation of drinking water in most of the countries. Caustically water treatment is no more taken as an economic good but as a 'cashable resource'. Except air there are no other resources of life comparable to water on Earth. Thus, to have access to water 'is not a matter of choice, but rather everyone needs it'.

The purpose of the Water Freedom Revolution is to ensure free access to clean drinking water to every citizen of the world.

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