Clean Water, Save Water, Serve Water
"Man is nothing but intelligent water, although most of us are unconscious
of this truth. This 'Movement' is dedicated to the liberation of man from
the boundaries of ignorance concerning himself."

HRCM - 21st century nanotechnology of water purification

Water after HRCM filtration acquires the quality of blue light, similar to the water obtained from the glaciers of the mountain.

In 21st century humanity has moved ahead with hopes based on new technologies, basis of the new found nano - world. These technologies have specifically changed the whole civilization.

Russian scientist, Victor Ivanovich Petrik has discovered new form of nanotechnology structural complex of carbon. From these are obtained - Highly reactive carbon mixture (HRCM) which has a unique sorbent property, which was unattainable by any other class of sorbents. In accordance with the experiment conducted in USA this mixture is better than the best of industrially produced activated carbons – American granulated activated coconut carbon (GAC) more than 100 - 300 times!

How it is made?
Who we are & what we do?

From left: Prof. Victor I. Petrik (Inventor of HRCM, Golden Formula), Nilesh Neel (Founder Chairman - WFR)

Water Freedom Revolution (WFR) is dedicated to promoting awareness regarding the importance of water and the current global water situation.

Nilesh Neel, After connecting with Petrik, started international movement: ‘Water Freedom Revolution’. His main direction of work is to increase awareness regarding the importance of water and the current global water situation. "Water Freedom Revolution" focused on clean water, save water, Serve water.

He intends to create water awareness programme and water purification systems, by the distribution of (HRCM) water filters for both domestic and industrial usage

Purest blue mineral water from mixture of Oil, sand, chemicals and dirty water.
HRCM filter extract water from pure Coke and Wine.
Demonstration of obtaining HRCM


Clean Water in India - Myths and Future
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We all are aware that water available in India is not good for drinking. Most of the companies which are claiming to provide drinking water are not even close to standards set by UN for water for Living Beings. The Market research presented has the brief of current filters and filtrations processes along with the actual filters available in the market and their prices and myths.

Most water purifiers don't remove viruse

Study [Times of India 17 Sept 2010]

Despite loud promises that these gadgets suck out disease-causing bugs from drinking water, most purifiers sold across India do not completely eliminate water-borne viruses like Hepatitis E, says Pune-based National Institute of Virology.

A study by the government-funded body that conducts research on communicable diseases and viruses evaluated eight domestic water purifier brands

Interesting to know HRCM !

It's very important to drink safe water to live a long&healthy life. Water purified from HRCM sorbent increases the life expectancy of 20-25 years. Recovers detoxification function of cells. Protects against viral diseases. This HRCM reliably protect you from common water pollutants like aluminum, iron, residual chlorine and even arsenic.

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