Similar to House Filters, Water Bottles is one of the major sources of water and water related diseases in India. One of the main reasons for diseases is piracy of water bottles. Local Mafia reuses the water bottles and fills them with “non-filtered” water. But this piracy is more because of high selling price of “Filtered” and “Mineral” water. We must collaborate with existing water bottling units especially with State Government units to develop and market low price Water Bottles.

We must sign a JV with one of these companies for 3 years only and it will be exclusive in nature. They will market their brand but will give us credits for Filter used. Meanwhile we will continue working with larger Corporates and Municipal Corporations to understand the local needs and develop our network of distribution.

One of the major sources of water related diseases is water supplied to Railways. Railway has more than 2 million passengers every day and most of the water bottles supplied to them are "pirated". Railway’s problem is to supply free/low cost bottles. Various mafia groups take advantage of this and supply “un-filtered water. Railway must be on the initial list of potential clients for WFR after MCs and Corporates.

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