Existing Water Filter companies have access to Indian States from North to South and East to West. For us to reach all those areas in cities to villages we need atleast 3 years and a very aggressive and expensive marketing plan. We can appoint distributors but payment collection and advertisement is tough and will be time consuming + costly.

India has population of 1 billion and most of the educated population is concentrated around the Metros. But there is a huge section of population (approx 60%) which still stays in villages or under “developing” cities. And these areas are hard to access both for marketing and payments. WFR’s mission is to make sure that clean and healthy water is available to everyone irrespective of their location. It has been observed that people in remote areas are most infected by water related diseases due to unavailability of clear water and filtration process. Most of the times these people are dependant on direct water resources such as rivers, canals and wells! And it should be noted that these people are not poor it’s the unavailability of filtration process and the way water supply is designed for their area.

Taking all this into consideration and to understand the local market with minimum financial risk its better if we can collaborate with one of the leading WATER Filter companies such as Hindustan Lever, TATA or Aquagaurd and supply them the “filter sorbent” on royalty.

WFR must work with these companies and provide solutions beyond Home Water Solutions. WFR shall appoint teams which will go thru these areas in next 12 months to understand the infrastructure and usage patterns. After careful study WFR shall propose solutions for Home Water Filters and Filters near natural resources such as Rivers, Wells and Canals.

We must sign a JV with one of these companies for 5 – 10 years and it will be exclusive in nature. They will market their brand but will give us credits for Filter Sorbent used. Meanwhile we will continue working with larger Corporates and Municipal Corporations to understand the local needs and develop our network of distribution. And as part of the JV we must appoint a smaller team of Marketing People who will work along and understand the marketing and payment structure.

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