Problem Statement

Lots of people visit various Government and Non-Government Organizations for work and otherwise. Though Municipal Corporate supply water to most of them there are various companies which has water supplies from other sources such as Tankers or their own storages. At the moment most of these companies are using "water filters" as available in the market. There is lots of water wastage as well due to multiple check points and filtration processes. Most of the companies are using bottles / filter machines as available in the market at the moment.

Commercially one of the challenges WFR will have is that most of these companies have their yearly budgets and plans to purchase new material / technologies.

Solution proposed by WFR

Corporates are the most educated and relatively easy marketing section for WFR. Most of them will understand the technical language and will be easy believers of innovations.

WFR will work closely with each of the Corporate Client to understand their needs and usage to provide them most optimized solutions. Instead of bottles and multiple filtration process WFR will give them Direct-to-Tap Solutions. WFR have tap-filters and water dispensers to suit the requirements of Corporates. WFR’s vision is not just providing the clean and safe water but also to reduce wastage of water.

Beyond the water filtration Corporates will save a lot of energy and money since most of our tap-filters do not need electricity. Majority Chunk of the monthly Utility bills for every Corporate is electricity bills and with WFR Filters it will reduce significantly.

WFR will communicate to Government and Non-Government Corporate Organizations by organizing demonstrations at their Head Offices / Regional Offices. Our demonstrations will include:

  • WFR, HRCM and Water Filtration Processes
  • Comparison with their existing Water Filters (Customized for each Office)
  • Story of their need and usage along with details of Wastage and Electricity Consumption
  • Case Studies and What Doctors has to say about HRCM
  • Proposal Solutions and Total Cost
  • Details of savings due to no-electricity and less diseases
  • WFR’s vision and mission details and how Corporates can contribute. We are not asking for donations but we are looking for professionals to participate in our vision.
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