Problem Statement

One of the serious problem India has is to provide “drinkable” water to population staying in Urban, rural and remote areas. Water supplied today is not clean as per the international standards set for drinking water. Water taken from natural sources is "purified" at various stages before it reaches its destination. Most of the times lots of “impurities” are added which are due to ignorance in process and unavailability of proper purification process.

Due to this most of the households, corporate offices and Industries have to install water purifiers at their end. Again these purifiers add lots of additional minerals and change the taste of water.

All these processes are increasing the risk of water diseases which may not surface today but are surely a threat for future. Lots of these have been explained in the reference documents.

Municipal Corporations are responsible for supplying water to General Houses, Schools, Hospitals, Corporates and any other building constructed in their territory. Water is either supplied via MC Water Pipes (direct supply to buildings) or thru the water tanks.

But there are various water resources and possibilities of water-recycling which are not explored due to unavailability of water purification process in India. There are industrial wastes which can be purified and water can be used for various non-drinking purposes if not for drinking.

Proposed Solution by WFR

HRCM is 21st Century's solution for all water needs of living beings. HRCM is the only technology which gives pure water instead of water mixed with impurities.

WFR is committed to work with Municipal Corporations to improve the first level of water purification. Using the WFR technologies MCs can provide the healthy water to their territory.

Instead of only providing the filters, WFR will work closely with MCs to develop a plan to convert each state into nano-state for water purification. WFR will develop a detailed plan for water purification after understanding the needs and issues for each of the MC individually. WFR will understand the current water supply infrastructure and WFR’s experts will suggest the execution plan. WFR will provide man-power, technology and finally the filters to execute the projects.

WFR will also work for social awareness for the need of clean water to people, corporate and various other institutions which fall under MCs territory. There will be various locations where water purification will be further required due to unavailability of direct water supply or further refinement. Some of the examples are Schools and Hospitals.

Schools and Hospitals will be supplied with special filters to make sure that drinking water is as the guidelines without any threat of further diseases.

Beyond the water filtrations WFR Technologies will save lots of electricity which is another major issue in most of the Cities on India. WFR’s No-Electricity filters will not only save electricity and money for the Municipal Corporation but also create a Greener and Earth Friendly Environment for all living beings.

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