The pilot project on one of the newest technologies of purification of water started in January from the establishments of the social sphere of great Novgorod. At first the series of filters, on the basis of unique development of academician Victor Petrik were installed in schools and hospitals. In a presentation at a school 13 Great Novgorod, sessions were demonstrated for the 11 installations of the filtration of different power.; part of them were for the water-network in the initial classes, rest – in the food and service industries and in the health centers. Initial installations were timely checked in accordance to the experts. The filters were analyzed chemically and found the improved quality of water, without the loss of microorganisms useful to the humans. As intended the deep purification of drinking water made it free from heavy particles, free active chlorine, mainly copper, fats, residual aluminum; specialists were convinced with the results shown.

Iron concentration in the distribution water after its passing through filtration system was reduced from 0.35 to 0.11%, The indices on the colorfulness were reduced 4, The turbidity - from 5.9 to zero levels, Residual aluminum - analyzed chemically m 0.54% to 0.12%.

Novogorod used this technology in a smaller proposition in its provincial centre and in Valdae. It was found that the new ecological substance reduces ten times the work of purification of water sent through pipeline network and improvises the quality of water to a far superior level. Not coincidentally in Novgorod school of № 13 from the moment of the installation of purification systems absence of students due to disease was reduced to 40%… "This kind of pure water they must have in all schools", noted in one of the press conferences of Mikhail Prusak, who was at that time Governor of Novgorod region. Thus thereafter came into existence the nanotechnology based "Pure Water "Program.

Market survey and Analysis

According to survey done in 2003 about 226 million people were found to lack access to safe water and about 70 per cent of population (about 640 million) lacked basic sanitation facilities. The water-related diseases are claiming the lives of about 1.5 million children (500,000 children due to diarrhoea alone) under 5 years and person-days lost in India are estimated to be about 180-200 million a year. The growing population and inability of the government to meet its ever growing demands has brought a saturation stage. The government yet has not been able to devise economical measures to make available pure drinking water to its entire people. Hence the country is confronting water borne diseases and deaths.

Recent survey has shown alarming rates of Arsenic in underground drinking water. That is due to the pesticides which find their way into the ground water tables. The various tests done on infants shows retardation and abnormal mental growth, which directly can be linked to Arsenic.

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