We all are aware that water available in India is not good for drinking. Most of the companies which are claiming to provide drinking water are not even close to standards set by UN for water for Living Beings. The Market research presented has the brief of current filters and filtrations processes along with the actual filters available in the market and their prices and myths.

If we look around most of the filter available in the market are either very basic and you need to be a scientist to choose a filter for your area and needs. Most of the companies are making false claims that they are giving PURE water. They are not doing anything more than removing the bad odour and adding minerals. We will not be able to know the side effects of water we are drinking until few decades. And by the time we will see the visible harmful effects it will be very late.

There is an immense demand of a filter process which can give clean and healthy water to all living beings opposite to what is available as of today as the current processes only add minerals or clean limited things to make the water better than what is taken from (polluted) natural resources. Thankfully Russian Scientist, Prof.V.I.Petrik has invented a solution for CLEAN WATER not only for Humans but all LIVING Beings. Prof Petrik's 21st Century soltuion, which is using HRCM,is a scientific invention for common man, which will give PURE drinking value of accurate PH value needed (Standard for clean water). More over there are no different version of this filter and price vary only for capacity of filter not because one version can clean something with another version can not (which is the case for most of the filters available in market). It has been proved time and again thru various experiments and observations that water cleaned through HRCM is safest and people who have used it for longer period have managed to keep the water related diseases away.

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