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Many people wrongly assume that distilled water is ideal drinking water. In reality distilled water is the strongest poison. It is possible for man to drink water that exceeds maximum permissible concentration of copper, iron, even mercury for some length of time (with an obvious effect on his health but man will die if he drinks distilled water for more than a week. Why? Because water deprived of all dissolved substances and being a good solvent starts to wash them away from the organism.


The growth of bottled water market is drawn from the failure of the governments to provide clean drinking water to the citizens and the increase in demand for clean water due to environmental pollution. Water is bottled all over the world. Quality bottled water, taken from pure natural sources, such as melting glaciers, costs between 2-10 Euros per liter, which is more expensive than, for example, petrol. In India, bottled water is available for 10 Rs. Per litre usually presented as purified water. What does it mean – purified?


Do you know the quality of water and its constituent? Know all about it and its effect on human health


The water facilitated by the government is not 100% clean and nor is so called mineral. Water which is consumed daily contains many untreated minerals whose accumulation in small amounts is very harmful to the human body in the long run.


One additional method to protect is - to boil and to purify water. During boiling of water the settled colloidal particles of mud in water are washed away and the content of highly volatile components and the part of free chlorine decreases.


Poor water management has led to the pollution of most surface and groundwater resources in India. As water privatisation has increased, it has become a matter of making profits and ensuring a decent return on capital. Meeting human needs and providing water to those who need water are no longer the driving force.

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