Dr. Victor I Petrik

Dr. Victor I Petrik is a world famous scientist, known to have contributed to the scientist world by important discoveries and inventions. He is also called "Da Vinci of modern Russia". His research and findings are prevalent and extends into areas such as nanotechnology, contaminated soil treatments, techniques of oil separation to help the world's oil companies recover from oil spills,etc.

Victor Petrik was born in Ukraine in Zhitomir. He was an outstanding throughout and won awards in all competitions of Physics and Chemistry. Consequently, in 1960 Victor went to St. Petersburg, and entered the military academy, where he revealed his ability in the hypnotic field. As a result of all this, and under the influence of the sergeant the ordinary toilets cleaning Petrik, then was sent to study at university. Even while studying a course of psychology, Victor I. Petrik simultaneously attended course in physics in the Leningrad State University. He has done his doctorate in engineering.

There in his autobiography are some patches, which he does not like to recall. In past, he was convicted and given life in one of the IUT in Irkutsk. But even there he continued to develop his own work at the plant, he made a robot that could replace the work of 20 employees.. Self-invention of Viktor resulted in prolonged severe psychological training, for the understanding and relevance of the ability of human potentials. After the release from prison in 1989, academician was adopted for the post of Deputy Managing technology.

Currently he lives and works in the city of Vsevolojhskaye of St. Petersburg region. His scientific activity began with his becoming senior engineer of NII (Scientific Research Institute) physics of LGU. Basic areas of the scientific activity involved: fundamental studies and technology in the field of physics, of nucleus, of fullerenov, nanocarbon structures, crystallography and optical ceramicist, anti-Stokes compounds, carbonic sorbents. He moved up the ladder to become scientific officer Research Institute, Bekhterev, General director of OOO «Incorporation 4T», General Director of JSC Infpro, the president and scientific leader of the Research Institute of Physics Fullerenes RANS.

Victoria Petrik ‘Institute of Physics and new materials’ in conjunction with MEC (Moscow Institute of Electrical Engineering) has successfully implemented a program to improve nanoelectronics based on conductive nanomaterials (nanotubes). The program focuses on the process of creating nano-diodes, nano-transistors and the definition of new research directions.

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