One of his greatest achievements - is an effective treatment technology of polluted water. Scientist himself is confident that his discovery will make an important contribution to protecting the world's environment and improve the general conditions of existence human civilization.

President Bush again turned himself to academician Victor Petrik's personal message the chapter of USA requested scientist as author of a number of unique discoveries, to make a device for removal of the dangerous toxin from water. In the USA, Santa Monica was discovered to contain in the drinking water the chemical combination of methyl-tert- butyl ether ([MTBE]. Methyl-tert-butyl ether is a mixture basically added to gasoline to increase the octane number in it. This occurred as a failure to forecast the side-effects of programme" Clean Air for American". "Clean air for American" was programme in progress before Bush became the Senior President. Acknowledging that "Clean Air American" Program shall be in benefit of population of America the approval was granted. In Pursuit of clean air american occurred the unexpected catastrophe, which took over 38 states. MTBE in mass quantities began spreading in water. 1568 water purification stations were closed. MTBE being a strong carcinogen, causes mutations and cancerous diseases. In many cities the water was declared unfit for drinking, people were recommended not to take hot water shower, as MTBE easily evaporates and its inhalation is very dangerous.

The sediments via soil leeching moved into other regions and got transferred to other layers of water. The research centers of the USA fruitlessly struggling to find a rescue technology

for purification of water and were in this course spending more than billions of dollars. In year 2005 the U.S. Government had considered the request of delivery of the feeding filters. The delegation of Victor Petrik Filters intended a humanitarian assistance to the Americans, who suffered the hurricane in the state of Louisiana (city new Orleans). President Bush requested scientist to make a device for removal of the dangerous toxin from water. Within a short period Petrik] actually created this device, using a property of crystal structures to remove admixtures; the equipment was comprehensively checked and exported to USA, and now Americans are prepared to order it for removal of MTBE from water. This will be manufactured and exported by a company in St.Petersburg

Tom Leihi
Director analytical centre under the government of USA:

"We hope that cooperation with the professor Petrik will bring to our country enormous benefits both in the economy and with respect to protection of environment. That which is particularly valuable, Mr. Petrik does not process and transform already known principles, rather he creates completely new. Innovations and professor Petrik's inventions are true heights of twenty first century".

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