Patents for obtaining ,use and detection of osmium - 187

  • Patent No. 2039104. "The method of the isolation of radioactive osmium -187 from the rhenium-containing poor and very poor ores", priority of 27.12.1993.
  • Patent No. 2061769. Method of extraction of osmium from the acid solutions, priority 23.09.1994 .
  • Patent No. 2074469. Method for compiling inverse nuclear energy levels from materials activated in gamma laser medium, priority 30.03.1995 .
  • Patent No. 2074420. Method of detecting forged bank notes, securities and documents, priority 17.06.1996 .
  • Patent No. 2077072. Method and means of detection of forged valuable documents and bank notes», priority 26.09.1996 .
  • Patent No. 2086968. Device to register isotopes of Osimium-187, priority 20.01.1997 .
  • Patent No. 2086969. Method to register isotopes of Osmium -187, priority 20.01.1997 .
  • Patent No. 2156491. Method to protect and identify holograms, priority 26.02.1999 .

Patents for obtaining and using high reactive carbon mixture (HRCM)

  • Patent No. 2154804. Method of destruction of combat and dangerous substances», priority 09.02.1999 .
  • Patent No. 2163883. Method of industrial manufacturing of High reactive carbon Mixture by cold method destruction and device to find its existence, priority 30.09.1999 .
  • Patent No. 2163840. Method to purify water, and/or aquatic surface and /or water bodies from oil spills , oil products and other Hydrocarbon chemicals contaminating it (variants), priority 30.09.1999.
  • Patent No. 2184086. Method for removal of oil, oil products]and/or chemical contaminators from liquid, and/or the gas, and/or from surfaces, priority 02.04.2001 .

Patents for obtaining and using anti stokes compounds of
highly destructive property (ACBP)

  • Patent No. 2137612. Method identification and the protection of stamps, bank note, securities, documents and equipments and the carrier of latent image as for identification and shielding marker, priority 18.09.1998 .
  • Patent No. 2156491. Method protection and identification of hologram, priority 26.02.1999 .
  • Patent No. 2168109. Method of the signal illumination of takeoff and landing strip and/or landing field under the nighttime conditions and the conditions of the poor visibility, priority 22.10.1999 .

Patents for manufacturing and using mono crystals and ceramic

  • Patent No. 2036185. Method of production of the artificial spinel, priority 09.02.1994г
  • Patent No. 2035434. Method of production of artificial alumno-magnesium spinnel, priority 20.09.1994 .
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