Several times more expensive than gold, an ordinary powder with unique properties, enriched 99,9 %,osimium-187 is the most valuable metal from platinum series. The technology for production is still not known as a science.

Really world sensation was created by Victor Ivanovich when he produced the first 8 grams of osmium-187 in household conditions. The created material has been subjected to the most complicated examination in Denmark where scientific experts could identify it, naming cleaning degree "space". However local mass-media began to declare that, really, the preparation is invented from space. And Victor Ivanovich could extract in any way these space samples and gives out them for the own. Investigatory experiment under control of public services has confirmed a unique method of manufacturing of this metal and has dispelled idle reports.

Victor Petrika's words, has patented, only a technique of production of this material. Chemical experts in research centres in nuclear field and Ministry of Atomic Energy are still working to find a technology to produce this material. The new technique gives the chance to make a unique isotope in kg equivalent. Is this isotope unique? Its use is very diverse. Initially it certainly is osmium-187 not the basis for formation firm laser scale. The Americans could not produce desired amounts of osmium-187. Scope of application of this material for peaceful purposes is numerous. We can hope to get a perennial and inexpensive energy spring from this material. Besides, Petrik could find application of osmium-187 for creation from it unique markers for bank notes, plastic cards and bond papers. Also it is interesting to note that the production of this material is ecologically completely safe.

Petrik and domestic scientists have expressed concerns that in this world there are no methods of quick registration of patents for stable isotopes. And, hence, the discovery is not meaningful. At a conference in Institute of Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Ivanovich Petrik has explained that he can create such technique. For Osmium label Victor Ivanovich could develop and create a small device in the form of a small pencil which starts to shine in the markings made on bills and other securities, and rather from a long distance the whole thing can be shown.

But, to convince the Russian scientists of a reality of this unique discovery it was problematic enough. Even the blame was laid on mystics. Scientists have beforehand agreed that Petrik of all hypnotises and under this condition forces to make decisions favorable to him. The Managing director of Academy of state security and the chairman of the council of experts of national safety of the Russian Duma Anatoly Alekseevich Denis has personally accepted a powder from Petrik and in his absence has carried out examination at scientific institute of Ministry of Atomic Energy. Inference was, it is osmium-187 of unique purity.

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