Continuing to manipulate, with this number (0, 618) the academician could create drawing of the Egyptian pyramids, up to the chamber of a priestess and set of underground inputs. He believes that these pyramids were never tombs; he believed it was resonator life and then people lived to be 150 years old.

To help us understand his own theory, Victor Ivanovich Petrik has cited Paracelsus phrase, (If everything that should settle down in consent and harmony, is in the consent and harmony it means health). The Human body, according to the academician, is entirely recreated on basis of harmony of certain frequencies. And if eventually some parts start to fail, by means of unique generator it is necessary to reset it to the required rhythm.

Correspondents from France visited the home of Academician Petrik, and have understood nothing. The academician, and his family, wife Lyudmila, son Timothy live in unique harmony. Not in the richest prosperity, though there is sufficient resources, but in terms of harmonious life they are complete.

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