The Russian academician could penetrate into secret of the drawing and creation of a Stradivarius violin which has been lost, many centuries ago. Considering all details, a violin, according to the academician, the violin plays a unique role in his life. In his youth, he asked his parents to get him a violin. The secret of this instrument which has not undergone for some centuries any changes has drawn again attention of the academician. During ancient times there were various legends how this instrument was constructed. Some asserted that there is a certain unique secret drawing on which from one point and under the unique law the violin has been created. Mathematical experts deny this theory, believing that such number of variables to be worked through unique law is simply unrealistic.

Victor Ivanovich Petrik used this number 0,618 which defines a golden section has come to the help, named Leonardo De Vinci ( golden proportion ) All scientific architectural area of that time, was based on these phenomena. By means of this number the academician managed to reconstruct entirely the drawing structure of this instrument.

More in detail about reconstruction of Stradivari violin watch a film "Universum of Petrika" by Victor Petrik

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