Somehow flipping through scientific magazines, Victor Ivanovich had found article about the patent of one German scientist... The invention essentially concerned medicine, invention of a scalpel on the basis of laser. Laser surgery made a benchmark by itself on the prophesied development of medicine.

The laser scalpel should be made only of sapphire, and this stone cannot be subjected to high pressure for long duration, and there were cases that the scalpel blew up directly during operations

The German scientist - Akkerman, named the patent "Optical material for a laser scalpel". In documents, he has proposed manufacturing of a laser scalpel using Spinel, which as it has appeared, withstands huge pressure - 100 times more than sapphire. Victor Petrik has instantly estimated value of the invention, and has brought itself an attention to the question: - how to produce beneficial spinel in the necessary quantities? At that time, Victor Ivanovich had already developed a technology for artificial cultivation of synthetic compounds, and understood that nobody has devised a technique to grown Spinel in laboratory. More than a year Petrik studied works and documents on synthesis of ceramic and as he admits, has right at the beginning chosen an erroneous way of production of ceramic Spinel. After yet another year, as a result of numerous experiments Victor Ivanovich had first produced Spinel After that, in another two years the academician studied how under high vacuum pressure it can be produced, He is the founder of this method. After that, he began to produce poly-crystal structures of these known forms. The obtained material has surpassed all expectations: heavy-duty, thin (some mm), and most important - the material has appeared transparent, with the necessary area exempted. Also, the obtained material was a stable radioactive, and these are new scopes. Under the Golden Formula umbrella.

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