Victor Ivanovich on own warehouse of soul is a deeply artistic person. With fine understanding, congenital ear for music, his ability to see around and solve nature’s riddle. Under what laws there is a beauty born? Under what formula or rule?

These questions serve as an initial push to development of the glorified technologies of crystal growing by Petrik. And same became his initial largest enterprise initiative. In the beginning of 1991 he could buy 10 devices "Оmega" for sapphire welding. The equipments were installed in an industrial premise, at a factory. At that time, Victor Ivanovich Petrik, had created some new technologies, and substantially could improve all common techniques of cultivation of monocrystals indoors. Then he had bought "Grossau" which functions even today.

There is in the world a crystal, according to expert gemologists, the most beautiful which the nature could only create. It is called Demantoid Garnet, and it is capable to grow only in natural conditions from small sizes, to several centimeters. Petrik could cultivate Demantoid Garnet, for it this achievement was not simply triumph of own ambitions, but also new step to understanding of principles of organization of natural structure. He believes that if there was not the most complicated epopee with this crystal, would not be in the future with Spinel with the ions of osmium-187 added during its crystallization, there would be future understanding of the phenomena of common nuclear and molecular behavior, that began to be called not so long ago as supramolecular chemistry. This crystal became for Petrik much more considerable, than any simple crystal. It is similar to something new, deeper, other sight at the nature ...

Already several thousand years, mankind does not cease to admire unique beauty of sapphire, a ruby, or granite. The improbable beauty of these crystals is admired, and people always wonder about their origin in the nature scientist worldwide break their heads over their creation. Some people have made this age old Secret a little translucent and thrown some light. If we can take a look at those crystals which are created in vitro by V.I.Petrik you will admire not simply their colour, form, play of light but also the unique secret of human reason which has managed to try and find the key to secrets of birth of these natural beauties.

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