HRCM filtration changes the inner structure of water and this change does not come only to the breaking of water clusters. It is known that a water molecule has the following structure:

Angle ά in ideally pure natural water (for example, in water from melting mountain glaciers) equals to 108º. It is not casual, as with ά = 108º relation of segments OH/HH equals to “golden proportion”, i.e. 0.618. If ά equals even to 109º or 107º (i.e. significantly deviates from 108º) properties of water sharply decrease. It is amazing, but HRCM filtration of water makes angle ά equal to 108º! Probably, that is why water after HRCM filtration gets the specific blue color (even in the case when initial water was yellow or rusty). Water from melting mountain glaciers has the same specific blue colour. Note, that distilled water is colourless.

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