HRCM is chemically inert, electrical, hydrophobic (contact angle over 90 degrees), resistant to aggressive media, environmentally clean mixture. The carbon content’s not less than 99.4%, bulk density – 0.01 – 0.001 g / cc (depending on the method of manufacture),Specific surface area - 2000 sq ft at 1 PM Operating temperature: -60 Celsius to 3000 grad.po grad.po Celsius. Return the attached material - up to 98%.

HRCM and thermally expanded graphite (EG)

Note that the method of destruction of graphite through the disruption of van der Waals bonds was known from 40-50 years of XXth century. This method is summarized as follows: CMS wetted with sulfuric acid and oxidizing agents - nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, potassium dichromate, etc., the resulting compund is heated to 2000 ° C (thermal shock)for 2-3 seconds,. The molecules of sulfuric acid at such a dramatic heating do not have time to evaporate and the due to this there is a sharp increase of the heating of sulfuric acid "raspushaet" CMS, resulting in a substance that looks similar to the HRCM, which is called the expanded graphite (TEG).

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