WFR is dedicated to promoting awareness regarding the importance of water and the current global water situation. It proposes to do so by adopting HRCM technology for water purification both in commercial and social setup innovated by Russian Scientist Prof. Victor I. Petrik.

Established: October, 2007

WFR came into existence when Mr. Mikhail Zheltikov General Director of AIKYA (representative of holding 'Golden Formula' headed by Prof.V. I. Petrik from Russia.) Met Mr.Nilesh Neel in India in 2007.

Founder Chairman: Mr. Nilesh Neel
Technology based on: HRCM nanotechnology from Russian 'Golden Formula'
Invention by: Scientist Prof. Victor I. Petrik
Initiator of Commercial Project: Mrs. Alpana Neel

Our Mission

The Water Freedom Revolution is an international awareness movement dedicated towards promotion of importance of clean drinking water. This movement has been launched keeping into mind the current situation of drinking water in most of the countries. Caustically water treatment is no more taken as an economic good but as a 'cashable resource'. Except air there are no other resources of life comparable to water on Earth. Thus, to have access to water 'is not a matter of choice, but rather everyone needs it'.

The purpose of the Water Freedom Revolution is to ensure free access to clean drinking water to every citizen of the world.

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