Every living being should have the right to access fresh and clean water. We, Water Freedom Revolution [WFR], are committed towards achieving this basic human need. Research shows that despite the fact that tremendous efforts have been taken since many years to improve the water conditions, the problem regarding cleanliness and efficiency of water facilities still remains unsolved. Many areas of the world have reached a crisis point and we believe this is primarily due to vast global ignorance and incompetence to deal with the situation with right measures.

It is of great importance to give humanity the opportunity to appreciate what water is and how essential it is for our existence. Access to fresh pure drinking water is every human’s right and yet majority of humankind is denied of this right. The struggle for water rights is like struggle for all rights of justice for life which after all is a gift given to us by nature. In the original Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) the right for Water has been regarded as an essential component of life in particular. The right for water is generally an essential component in most of the International contentions.

For the first time, the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, in its twenty-ninth session (General Comment No. 15), has explicitly declared right to water as a fundamental right under right to life and placed several obligations on State parties to ensure and enable the citizens to realize the right.

It clearly states that safe drinking water is fundamental for life and health and it 'is a precondition for the realization of all human rights'. Essentially 'The Water Freedom Revolution' exists in the defence of 'Water Rights' for all. WFR is a research based organization. We primarily are focused towards commencing projects as joint ventures with Government as well as non-government Organizations to achieve our mission.

Our Mission

The Water Freedom Revolution is an international awareness movement dedicated towards promotion of importance of clean drinking water. This movement has been launched keeping into mind the current situation of drinking water in most of the countries. Caustically water treatment is no more taken as an economic good but as a 'cashable resource'. Except air there are no other resources of life comparable to water on Earth. Thus, to have access to water 'is not a matter of choice, but rather everyone needs it'.

The purpose of the Water Freedom Revolution is to ensure free access to clean drinking water to every citizen of the world.

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